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06-24-2024 Power Down While Away

Tips to save on your energy bill while you're away on summer vacation

02-07-2024 Super Bowl's Energy Consumption

The big day definately uses energy in a big way!

12-11-2023 Holiday Lights and Safety

Keep the festive glow free from holiday hazards with some smart tips.

10-18-2023 Boo-st Your Energy Efficiency: A Spooky Guide for Halloween

Explore ways to spook-proof your energy consumption this Halloween.

08-03-2023 Celebrating 20 Years!
07-03-2023 Have a Safe July 4th

Check out our safety tips for your July 4th celebration 

05-29-2023 Memorial Day

Remembering and honoring

03-06-2023 What's the Status on Daylight Saving Time?

With DST taking place in March, people are asking the status of make DST permanent.

01-17-2023 Why Use an Energy Broker?

Your business can save time and money by using an energy broker.

12-19-2022 Keeping Your House Safe While Away This Holiday

If you're going to be away from home this holiday, follow these tips for keeping your home safe.

10-17-2022 Energy Awareness Month

October is Energy Awareness Month 

09-26-2022 Preparing For Fall

Tips for getting your home ready for the fall and winter months.

07-15-2022 America's Energy Sources Since 1776

Celebrating July 4th by looking at the changes in energy sources since 1776

04-19-2022 Planting Around Power Lines

Things to consider before planting a tree this Arbor Day such as power lines.

03-21-2022 Commercial Energy Audit

This month, we take a look at why you should consider an energy audit.

01-30-2022 Oil and Natural Gas in Our Everyday Lives

We take a look at all the products made from natural gas and oil

12-10-2021 Install Christmas Lights Safely

Tips to enjoy lighting up your holidays without a 911 call.

10-31-2021 Electrifying Facts about Halloween

Electricity and Halloween do have more in common than you think.

09-21-2021 What Survives an EMP Attack?

During National Preparedness Month, let's consider what survives an EMP attack.

08-28-2021 States with Deregulated Energy Markets

We've listed states with deregulated markets for electricity and/or gas.

Did You Know?

Natural gas in it's pure form is colorless, odorless and shapeless. Only after processing is the "rotten egg" odor added for safety. It is a combination of several gases like propane, butane, carbon dioxide, ethane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, but primarily made up of methane gas so when you burn it gives of heat energy.

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