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02-07-2024 Super Bowl's Energy Consumption

The big day definately uses energy in a big way!

12-11-2023 Holiday Lights and Safety

Keep the festive glow free from holiday hazards with some smart tips.

10-18-2023 Boo-st Your Energy Efficiency: A Spooky Guide for Halloween

Explore ways to spook-proof your energy consumption this Halloween.

08-03-2023 Celebrating 20 Years!
07-03-2023 Have a Safe July 4th

Check out our safety tips for your July 4th celebration 

05-29-2023 Memorial Day

Remembering and honoring

03-06-2023 What's the Status on Daylight Saving Time?

With DST taking place in March, people are asking the status of make DST permanent.

01-17-2023 Why Use an Energy Broker?

Your business can save time and money by using an energy broker.

12-19-2022 Keeping Your House Safe While Away This Holiday

If you're going to be away from home this holiday, follow these tips for keeping your home safe.

10-17-2022 Energy Awareness Month

October is Energy Awareness Month 

09-26-2022 Preparing For Fall

Tips for getting your home ready for the fall and winter months.

07-15-2022 America's Energy Sources Since 1776

Celebrating July 4th by looking at the changes in energy sources since 1776

04-19-2022 Planting Around Power Lines

Things to consider before planting a tree this Arbor Day such as power lines.

03-21-2022 Commercial Energy Audit

This month, we take a look at why you should consider an energy audit.

01-30-2022 Oil and Natural Gas in Our Everyday Lives

We take a look at all the products made from natural gas and oil

12-10-2021 Install Christmas Lights Safely

Tips to enjoy lighting up your holidays without a 911 call.

10-31-2021 Electrifying Facts about Halloween

Electricity and Halloween do have more in common than you think.

09-21-2021 What Survives an EMP Attack?

During National Preparedness Month, let's consider what survives an EMP attack.

08-28-2021 States with Deregulated Energy Markets

We've listed states with deregulated markets for electricity and/or gas.

07-30-2021 A Hydrogen Olympic Torch

For the first time, the Olympic torch is being powered by hydrogen.