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Have a Safe July 4th

Posted on 07-03-2023

July 4th is a day to spend with family and friends celebrating our nation's birthday.  With pool parties, cookouts and fireworks, we want to make sure your festivities are full of fun and making good memories while following common-sense safety rules.

1.  Keep all electrical appliances such as blenders and radios away from water such as pool and up off the ground they don't have a chance of getting water near them.

2.  Grilling out?  Don't leave the grill unattended while in use no matter if it's charcoal or electric.  Cooking accidents are the leading cause of house fires.

3.  Keep fireworks away from electric lines and units.  Make sure you keep a water hose nearby when setting off fireworks near lawns or trees.  Having a fire extinguisher on hand is a good idea.

4.  Remember your pets are stressed during this time.  Help them to get through this time by keeping them calm and indoors out of the heat and away from the noise.  

5.  Leaving the fireworks to the professionals will keep any accidents from happening.  Enjoy the display put on by your city.

Enjoy your celebration - Happy Birthday, America!


Did You Know?

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina produced about 20 million megawatts at its peak, about 17 hours before landfall. That approaches 1,000 times the capacity of Louisiana's entire fleet of power plants (26,000 megawatts, as measured during peak summer months).

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