Procurement - finding the right energy plans for your business

High Voltage is a neutral third party adviser, directly aligned with your business to evaluate your needs and negotiate on your behalf with energy providers.

High Voltage offers an energy procurement platform providing price quotes from all the top providers in your area. We save you time and money by filtering through multiple price offers by way of our competitive bid process. We also offer complex hedging strategies for customers interested in a portfolio approach to purchasing energy.

In the deregulated energy industry there are two major products, a fixed and variable rate option. The fixed rate product offers a guaranteed price while a variable product exchanges market risk for lower priced energy.

Our team will provide all the necessary information you need to determine which product best meets your objectives.

Our service includes:

  • Utility Data Analysis
  • Review Existing Agreements
  • Consultation on Pricing and Product Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning for Energy Cost Reduction
  • Formal Bid Package and Analysis
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Finalization of Supply Agreements
  • Customer Support

Did You Know?

Natural gas in it's pure form is colorless, odorless and shapeless. Only after processing is the "rotten egg" odor added for safety. It is a combination of several gases like propane, butane, carbon dioxide, ethane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, but primarily made up of methane gas so when you burn it gives of heat energy.

As an independent third party we represent the best interests of our client and not the interests of any one supplier.