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Back to School in Green

Posted on 08-16-2018

August is back-to-school month and no matter your school colors, we can all agree that being green is smart.  There are many things you can do to be more environmentally friendly, but we can get you started with a few ideas.

School Supplies:  Shop at a ENERGYSTAR store for your school supplies.  These retail stores use 35% less energy in turn causing 35% less greenhouse gas emissions into the environment than other stores similar to them.  Once there, look for supplies that's eco-friendly such as 100% reycled paper. Find glue and crayons that cut down on toxins.  Also, look for backpacks made from natural fibers.

Water:  Instead of sending your kids off to school with plastic water bottles, invest in a few reusable water bottles or cups with lids and mark their names on each.  This will be a great help in cutting down plastic waste and help save you money.

Upgrade Computers:  Upgrade your old laptops and computers to more energy efficient models that have the ENERGYSTAR sticker to ensure your kids are using up to 60% less energy when doing homework assignments.  If you want to save more money, activate the power management features.

Practice What You Preach:  Remember, our kids learn from us.  If we do the things we ask of our kids, they are more apt to do those things that make a difference for our environment.  Don't use plastic water bottles at home.  Instead, get your kids used to using their own cups for drinking filtered water. Use eco friendly products at home - refillable pens, recycled products.  

When your kids learn that cutting down on waste at home, they will more likely carry those habits into the school year and influence their friends to do the same.  Here's to a great school year!

Did You Know?

Energy in motion is called Kinetic Energy. Electricity is kinetic energy because even though you can't see it happen, electricity involves electrons moving in a conductor.

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