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Summer Savings for Restaurants

Posted on 07-21-2015

Restaurants feel the heat more than other businesses in the summer months due to kitchen appliances being used.  But, restaurant owners don't have to sweat over increased energy bills if they follow some tips from energy experts.

Cooking Equipment

  • Run the dishwasher during off-peak hours when possible 

  • Turn ice machines off at night

  • Install exhaust hood controls to increase energy efficiency during slow times

  • Use combo equipment such as combo fryer/ovens to cook more food without using more energy

  • Turn equipment off when not using

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Install auto door closers

  • Clean front grills regularly

  • Defrost freezers every 4-6 hours

  • Do not overload refrigerators/freezers

  • Keep food well wrapped so there's less moisture in fridge

  • Keep refrigerator away from wall to allow air circulation

  • Install evaporator controls and motors on freezers

Lighting and Cooling

  • Use daylighting controls to automatically adjust lighting

  • Replace outdoor lights with solar power lighting

  • Make use of daylight savings extended light by making timers turn on later than normal

  • Invest in window shades for cooling but allow some natural light to come in

  • Window tint can block up to 99% of heat and rays from sun coming through the windows

By making some adjustments, restaurants can benefit from the greatest energy savings in the summer months than any other business.  Use the above suggestions with your Energy Star appliances for the greatest benefits.

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