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The Modern Treehouse

Posted on 02-05-2015

The cable hit show, Tree Masters, has taken treehouses to a new level.  That simple tree hut which you and your secret club of friends used to spend summer evenings telling ghost stories and putting on plays is a thing of the past.  Now, adults want a hut of their own, but instead of hut, they want liveable villas to escape to no matter what season it is.

When it comes to the modern treehouse, most are opting for modern luxuries to be a part of their home up and away from home that includes heat for the winter months and air conditioning for the hot summer nights.  But, it doesn't stop there - add a flat screen TV, a microwave for your popcorn and perhaps a mini fridge to keep the sodas cold.  Yes, you guessed it, electricity is becoming standard for the adult treehouse.

When you want to string party lights from the inside out when inviting friends over to your new "tree"house party, you will need proper electrical installation.  Here are few ways to get the electronics powered in your treehouse:


This option is the most intense as it requires a bit of trenching.  And you will have to watch out for the tree roots with digging.  One idea is to trench right at the trunk of the tree to avoid root damage.

Over the Ground

This is the most basic as it just requires running a wire over the ground.  But, it should be used as a temporary way to bring electricity to your treehouse.  Important to remember to put away the wire(s) when doing yardwork or having the kids outdoors playing kickball.


Not the most visually attractive option, but running wires in the air will keep the wires from getting damaged from ground elements and hazards as well as protecting the trees roots.  However, there is the problem with falling branches to consider.

Another consideration, if keeping your treehouse outfit more basic, is to use solar power.

Remember to check for zoning and permits in your town before taking on your fabulous treehouse project.  We do hope you will invite us to see your treecasa for movie night.

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