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Light Up Your New Year's Eve

Posted on 12-30-2019

If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party for a few or many, making it fun and festive is top priority. Lights add shine, envoke happiness and excitement and help to bring light to a room without having to use big overhead lighting through the evening.

Here are some ideas for lighting up the night...

Say it with lights - You've seen the little metal signs that spell out words which are outlined with lightbulbs.  Most of them run on batteries for easy placement.  Find some word signs that are common New Year's resolutions or just good wishes for your friends and family for the year ahead such as love and laughter.  You are sure to find a 2020 lighted sign to turn on at midnight.

DIY Drop Ball - Make this as elaborate as you like or just a fun kid's project for the countdown.  However glam you make your own drop ball, be sure to add sparkle with fairy lights or Christmas lights entwined around it...blinking lights would add a little more excitement as you lower the ball via string or wire.

The time to be bright - Let your clock be on display by adding a spotlight to it or finding a clock that lights up.  After all, New Year's Eve is all about watching the clock.

It's still the holidays - Turn on the holiday lights!  Indoor and outdoor decorative lights help brighten rooms and outdoor surroundings while still giving off one last holiday cheer.  

However you choose to ring in 2020, we wish you a bright year ahead!  

Did You Know?

Electricity is the most widely used form of energy. You can't see electricity but you can see what it does like when you turn on a light.

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