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Tornado Season Preparedness

Posted on 03-26-2015

March through May is the peak time for tornadoes.  Now that spring is here, it is important to have a plan to keep you and your loved ones safe when the sirens sound.  Be aware that tornado sirens go off when there is a tornado warning, meaning that severe thunderstorms are producing rotation and a tornado has been sighted nearby.  It is crucial to take shelter the moment you hear the sirens.

Follow these tips for the tornado season:

  • Update your homeowners insurance

  • Know where the nearest shelters are from your location

  • Have an emergency grab bag available at home, work and in your car

  • Keep flashlights and fresh batteries nearby

  • Be dressed and wearing shoes during storms

  • Have a weather radio available

  • A hand-crank radio with a cell phone charger is very beneficial

  • Have your purse or wallet with you

  • You need at least three days worth of food and water in your shelter

  • Watch your step when going outside to avoid power lines that are down

  • Have your pets on leashes or in crates for their safety

It is important that your family has a plan when severe weather occurs.  If there is no cellar or basement, your kids need to know where to take cover in your home.  Have drills during tornado season to assure preparedness.  Your place of safety should be away from exterior walls and windows.  Have a Do/Do Not list handy in your home for safety such as "Do Not Open Windows."

We cannot predict when a storm will hit, but we can be prepared and ensure our family is taking all safety precautions.  Check websites such as Red Cross or FEMA for more tips on staying safe this tornado season.  



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