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Spring Forward and Spring Into Action

Posted on 03-06-2015

Daylight Savings gives us more time outdoors to enjoy the extra natural light we get that is available.  When setting the clocks forward, we should remind ourselves to do things that prepare us for spring including organizing our homes.

Safety Test

We must remind ourselves to turn all the clocks ahead one hour.  Make that a reminder that it's a good time to test your smoke detectors, and replace any expired fire extinguishers in the house. Do a refresher course with your family on exit plans should a fire occur in your home.  Also, check your carbon monoxide detectors.

Storm into Action

Most of us view spring as a breath of fresh air from the cold, winter months.  Mother Nature is in bloom and providing warmer, brighter days.  Spring is also the time for unpredictable weather and tornado warnings.  Make sure your storm shelter is stocked with needed items such as a first aid kit, bottled water and snacks.  Have fresh, clean blankets and pillows available for added protection.  Don't forget Fido - treats, a chew toy and a leash!  Check batteries in flashlights and weather radios.  When the tornado sirens sound, you will feel better to know your family is prepared.

Spring Cleaning

There is something about the spring months that motivate us to get into cleaning mode.  It may be the months of being closed in, dust accumulating from vents, and stale air.  Use this time to really get into the nooks and crannies of your house.  Move the refrigerator out to clean the dust bunnies, flip your mattresses, dust the ceiling fans and switch the direction of your fans for summer months.  It may be a great time to have your ducts cleaned.  Open the windows in the early mornings to bring in fresh air.  

Closet Cleaning

A new season means switching out the heavy wardrobe for a lighter one.  Use this time to go through unwanted (and maybe even the wanted) items and put in a pile for donating.  Inspect your clothes for holes or stains.  If a shirt is irrepairable, recycle it for a cleaning rag.  Holding on to things that we don't need only gets in the way of good energy.  It is a good feeling to donate items to those in need.  Spring forward and pay it forward.

Happy Spring to all and enjoy the sunshine, longer days and the flowers in bloom.

Did You Know?

The Yellowstone National Park wildfires of 1988 were estimated to have produced 77.9 billion megajoules of energy over the fire's 71-day life. The wildfires' energy was equivalent to 22 million megawatt-hours, nearly as much as California and Oregon consumed in December 2011.

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