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How Your Business Can Save Money

Posted on 10-22-2014

Business owners are always looking for ways to save money.  Here are some helpful tips to cut back on energy bills.

Make the Switch

With lighting making up nearly 50 percent of the energy bill for a commercial building, making the switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs just makes sense.  CFLs use 75 percent less energy than incandescents and gives a savings of up to $200 for every five bulbs switched, according to the EPA.  Also, have your employees get into the habit of switching lights off when leaving a room which will help in cutting down on energy.

Power Down Nightly

Screen savers are not to be mistaken for energy savers as they keep moniters  running on full power.  Have all computers set to sleep after 30 minutes of non-use.  At the end of the work day, have employees shut down their computers as well as turn off copiers and printers.  This nightly practice can save a company well over $50 per electronic device.

Efficient Water Flow

Purchasing an ENERGY STAR water cooler for the office will use half the energy of a standard cooler while giving a savings of $240 over a cooler's lifetime.  Since water coolers use electricity 24/7, you can save energy and money by installing a timer on your water cooler to turn off in the evening and turn on an hour prior to your office opening in the morning.

Up and Down

The biggest savings for a business can be gained by simply turning the thermostat up in the summer months and down in the winter months at night.  In the summer months, have the air conditioning checked by a technician for leaks, faulty filters and the compressor fans.  Air conditioners are a prime source of energy loss.

Did You Know?

Light from the Sun reaches Earth in around 8 minutes.

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