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Help Kids Conserve Energy at Home

Posted on 06-02-2020

This summer is an unusual one, keeping more families at home than would normally be.  Teach your kids some valuable ways to conserve energy with simple tips.  If you work together as a family, you can keep energy costs down during these summer months.

1.  Read More

Watching endless hours of television or playing video games uses up a lot of electricity.  So, get your kids reading books more than watching TV.  Start a family book club.  Have a goal for each child to read a certain number of books for a reward.  For more dramatic kids, have them act out chapters they've read.  This will be far more entertaining than any show on television.

2.  Shut the Doors

Kids are notorious for running in and out of the house without making sure the door behind them has closed.  Place signs on the door for an easy reminder or a jingle bell tied around the door knob to give that reminder.  Keeping doors closed keeps the cool air inside.  It's a good idea to teach young kids the value of keeping the cool air in.

3.  Shower Timer

Water shortages during hot months is a reality.  The bigger your family, the more water you're using.  Put a timer in the bathroom and agree to the amount of time each member of your family has for showering...maybe 5 minutes.  This will cut down on water and energy waste.  Also, your kids will get into the habit of quick showers through the year.

4.  Fridge Signs

Teach kids to keep the fridge door closed until they know exactly what the want instead of shelf browsing while the cold air escapes.  Have kids make creative pictures to hang on the fridge that will remind them to not leave the fridge door open for too long.  Or, keep an inventory on the door to let family member know what's available on the inside.

5.  Dry Outdoors

Most kids have no idea that clothes used to be hung on a wire to dry outdoors.  Put some nostalgia into your summer months and have your kids help you create a clothes line to let the natural sunlight dry towels, sheets, casual clothes.  Make it an adventure and not a chore and you will find you little ones eagerly wanting to help.  By giving your dryer a break, you will be able to save on energy and maybe expanding the lifetime of your appliance.

Did You Know?

A 600 megawatt natural gas plant can power 220,000 homes.

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